Bringing clever and innovative ideas to cooking appliances for 100 years!

Belling was founded in 1912 by a pioneering young engineer, Richard Belling and since then have been at the heart of cooking in the UK. Belling are still to this day one of the only major cooking appliance manufactuers still producing in the UK, and now we're making our mark here in Australia, understanding what it is that you really want from your cooker and giving it to you.

Today, we remain as one of the most loved and trusted British cooking brands, with 4 generations of families growing up with a Belling cooker in their kitchen. Over the years Belling products have always stayed ahead of the game and changed dramatically along the way, but one thing has always remained - our dedication to quality, choice, reliability and service.

Our products are made with pain-staking attention to detail, and our factory is purposly split into small team who work solely on just one product, carefully assembling each and every appliance from the ground up, by hand - ensuring that the end product is of the highest quality! Watch the clip below and see for yourself!