If it's induction you're after, you can find it on a Belling Range Cooker!
Faster, Smarter, Safer, Greener cooking technology!

Simply put, induction is like having an individual heating element inside each pan. When a pan is placed on an induction hob, it completes a magnetic circuit below the hob’s surface, which creates energy within the pan’s base. This in turn, heats the pan and its contents - simple hey!

Because heat is generated inside the pan, using a pan smaller than the hob’s ring will not lead to any wasted energy. When using a ceramic or gas hob, even though the pan doesn’t cover the entire ring, the whole element is still in use, meaning that the unused energy is being wasted – this doesn’t happen with induction technology.

Increased control is also a key feature of induction cooking. Difficult to handle tasks, like melting chocolate without it sticking to the pan for instance, are made easy with outstanding low-heat performance. You can also boil considerably faster than on a ceramic hob, and nearly twice as fast as a gas hob.

All pans with iron present in their base can be used on an induction hob. A simple test with a magnet will reveal the suitability of a pan. If the magnet sticks to the base of the pan then it is suitable for induction cooking.

So that is the Belling quick guide to how induction technology works!